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Four types of relationship building opportunities most professionals ignore when networking: Ross B. Williams of Modern Profits

September 17, 20214 min read

Orlando FL - September 17, 2021 - When networking most professionals seek out one type of relationship, potential clients. They are leaving the most influential types of relationships on the table and missing out on massive personal and business growth in their life. 

When going to a networking party most professionals have one goal in mind...

Get a new client or make a sale.

This process can actually stop them from attaining the goal at hand. This sounds crazy, right? How does going after a goal stop them from reaching it?

The answer is when it comes to sales and client acquisition there is a lot of psychology and emotions that a prospect or potential client goes through when making this decision. When someone at a networking event makes an introduction with the goal of selling in mind it is obvious and it's a turn-off to the new prospect.

There is always that person at these events that will run full speed ahead with their business card in hand ready to distribute it. Nobody enjoys talking to this person.

Then there is the guy that won't stop talking about their product and how good it is. This is an immediate turn-off. Even if the person is slick and good at their craft people will still get the sales vibe and move on.

Now the question is if sales aren't the main objective what is the purpose? What is the benefit?

Not that opportunities aren't important but, there must be a focus on the four other relationship opportunities to exponentially take people's lives and businesses to the next level.

Since the first relationship type (Clients) was already discussed, take a look at the other four relationship opportunities people forget about when networking:

2-Referral partners:

People never know who the person you are talking to knows, how big their network is, or how influential they are. Even though they may not be a potential client for themselves this connection could potentially fuel their business with referrals, if they like the person and if they know what that person does. A good referral partner could be 100 times more valuable than a client if the synergy is good.

Unfortunately many times the second someone realizes the person they met isn't a potential client they shut down the conversation and move on leaving mountains of future referrals on the table.

3-Resource Providers

It is important that people accept and realize they don't know everything and don't have all the answers. This is why resource relationships are so important.

Resource providers have the knowledge, tools, or services that could make a person's job easier, more profitable, scalable, and even give more free time. Even though this type of relationship may not be a potential client, it could help someone acquire new clients to scale and help them live a better life. It is important to recognize other's skillsets and how they can help.

This may end up in a purchase but it will likely be worth it.

4- Partnerships

Two heads are better than one. Many times when people meet they find their skillsets or products have great synergy and could possibly have more growth potential together. Or they could reach a whole new audience as a team then they could going at it alone.

Often when two people meet a whole new idea comes to life and they can start a new business together while still running their current business.

If this connection was ignored because they were not a potential client your new opportunities never would have formed.

5- Friendships

This is is the most important type of relationship someone can create at a networking event. Friends make life happier and more enjoyable. When people meet at an event, they already have similar interests and now can do these things together.

People will say they don't need more friends, they are here to do business not make friends. It is a fact that friendships evolve, people evolve, so to achieve growth people can not remain stagnant.

There are four short questions that will prove why Friendship relationships are the most important relationship someone can make when networking:

When someone is asked for a referral, who do they refer them to? (A FRIEND)

When someone needs or wants a business partner, who do they go to first? (A FRIEND)

When someone needs knowledge, help, or assistance who is most likely to give it to them? (A FRIEND)

When someone is ready to buy something who do they buy from first? (A FRIEND)

If someone networks with the sole purpose of making friendships they will build a community so strong that all their referral partners, business partners, resource providers, and clients will be one message, one phone call, or one beer away.

Learn more about Modern Profits next networking party.

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Ross B. Williams

Ross Williams is an award-winning event creator, sales professional, international speaker and digital marketing expert. Ross was awarded the Click Funnels Two-Comma-Club for producing over $1 million in sales through one funnel online. He has created event experiences of up to 10,000 people and has built a single city sales territory to $4 million/year with face-to-face sales. He is the founder of Modern Profits where he helps entrepreneurs, sell more courses, get more high ticket coaching clients and grow their businesses and becoming an authority in their niche by leveraging speaking on stage, even if they have no experience speaking and have no idea what to talk about.

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