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Ross B. Williams Launches Modern Profits' Content Vacation Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

February 17, 20232 min read

Ross B. Williams founder of Modern Profits

Orlando, FL – February 17th, 2022: Ross B. Williams is launching Modern Prfotis' Content Vacation Mastermind for 2022. Ross Created this mastermind to solve a problem he found popping up at conferences across the country.

While traveling the country going to masterminds and conferences he discovered that most entrepreneurs love going to these events but their favorite and most beneficial part is the networking and relationships they gain while at these events. However, they find they spend so much time in the conference rooms that they get very little time to truly connect and meet others. Event attendees also get frustrated because they travel to beautiful cities and don't get any time to experience them.

This is why Ross B. Williams created Modern Profits' Content Vacation Mastermind. He decided to ditch the conference room and create white-glove vacation experiences for multiple six and seven-figure entrepreneurs so they could connect and build relationships together in ways they couldn't before. Ross says, "True masterminding happens when geniuses from different niches get together and share ideas."

Ross' past experience in events and knowledge of marketing makes this new concept a perfect fit for his skill set. He has over a decade of experience planning and hosting event experiences. In fact, he earned the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Award by creating entertainment experiences that bring people together and change lives. (This award goes to entrepreneurs who generated over one million dollars in sales through a single website funnel.) 

Ross wanted to make this mastermind more than just a networking and vacationing experience. He wanted to solve a second problem that many entrepreneurs are struggling with in today's world of social media and online businesses.

While traveling and meeting entrepreneurs around the world, Ross also discovered that entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners were not getting enough quality content for their personal brand or businesses and their selfie photos just weren't cutting it as their businesses are scaling to seven figures and beyond.

This is why ross will bring a full-time photographer and videographer on the vacation experiences. "The idea is to capture and create a mountain of content our guests can use to fill their social media calendars, advertisements, and websites," Ross says. "Attendees will get branding photoshoots, lifestyle photoshoots, social photoshoots, along with plenty of b-roll video footage to use for video production. It will be like having a full-time paparazzi capture amazing content for your personal brand and business."

Ross's goal is to help visionary entrepreneurs improve their online presence, network, and knowledge so they can reach the masses and create a positive impact in their niche.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners that would like to learn more about Modern Profits' Content Vacation Mastermind check out the website below.

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